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From the humid pampas, educator and strategic communicator passionate about conservation and inclusive development in a healthy environment. Extensive experience in implementing initiatives for conservation and sustainability. Specialist in Human Rights and Gender Communication.

Bachelor of Environmental Sciences Teaching, Professional in use, management and control of natural resources, Environmental interpreter guide, Technician in administration of protected areas, National Park Ranger.

Participatory Planning and Management. Governance.

Collaborator in the Argentine Native Forest Foundation for Biodiversity (Fundación Bosques Nativos Argentinos para la Biodiversidad) and in the Habitat & Development Foundation of Argentina (Fundación Hábitat & Desarrollo de Argentina).

Ranger. Responsible for the areas of education and public use in various protected areas. Representative of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) for the IUCN South American Committee and CEC Regional Vice President for Meso and South America (2015-2019).

Member of the nucleus of managers Women in Conservation LAC. Specialist in Communication, Human Rights and Gender. Teacher.

Consultant for UNDP, PPD, FAO, IUCN, etc.

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